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Peetri 7

This historic building of Tsarist industrial architecture is the only one in the Noblessner district in which you can buy rooms!

The building at 7 Peetri St. dates back to 1915, when it was completed as a part of the historic Noblessner submarine shipyard. Originally it housed the shipyard’s power plant, later the canteen and archive.

The limestone building has an inspiring atmosphere, high ceilings and large windows with a distinct design.

The carefully restored building will be completed in autumn 2020. There are business premises on the first and guest apartments on the second floor. There are apartments on the third floor. Each (guest) apartment comes with a storage room in the basement. There is a lift in the house.

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Eduard Sorokin

Eduard Sorokin

Uus Maa Ärikinnisvara OÜ, board member

License KKM140512

+372 56222256

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