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Advent Sunday in Noblessner 2022

Advent Sunday in Noblessner 2022

On 27 November at 16:00, we will celebrate Advent Sunday and turn on the lights on the Christmas tree at Noblessner Square.
Once again, Shishi designers have created unique decorations for the Christmas tree, and once again, the Estonian National Opera Boys’ Choir JUHANID will perform!

Also at Noblessner:

  • 14:00 Kino Sõprus: Ailo’s Journey (Kai Art Centre/12 Peetri St.)
    The film is a scenic journey in Lapland and talks about the survival struggle of a young vulnerable reindeer calf in the Arctic wilderness during its first year of life. It is a heart-warming story against the backdrop of Lapland’s grand landscapes.
  • 10–17 All Day Breakfast with a special menu (Põhjala Tap Room / 5 Peetri St.)
  • 12–18 Solo exhibition by Merike Estna “Soil will not contain our love” open for the last day! (Kai Art Centre / 12 Peetri St.) Tickets €5 / €8.
  • 12–20 Christmas Land at Iglupark!
    Iglupark is once again ready for Christmas! Wintry drinks and snacks at Iglubaar. Don’t miss out on Kooker’s mini pancakes! Grill marshmallows on a bonfire. Pony rides for children.
  • 12–20 The cosy and colourful Art Gallery and Cafe at 3 Staapli St. offers delicious cakes and pastry, seasonal coffee drinks and glogg on the occasion of Advent Sunday (3 Peetri St.)
  • 12–21 New Christmas menu and LORE mulled wine (LORE Bistro / 12 Peetri St.)
  • 15–19 PROTO Christmas Café at Noblessner Square! Hot drinks and gingerbread.
  • 11–18 PROTO Invention Factory, tickets €16 / €10 / family ticket €34 (Noblessner Foundry / 10 Peetri St.)

See you at Noblessner!