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Noblessner foundry

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The Noblessner Foundry, completed in 1914, is the most famed historical industrial building in Noblessner. It has unique acoustics that result from its architecture. The premise has been the venue for a number of world class concerts and recordings over the past ten years. All of Arvo Pärt’s and Heino Eller’s symphonies have been performed here, as well as several performances.

The first concert, a performance of Lera Auerbach’s masterpiece Russian Requiem, was held in the Noblessner Foundry on the initiative of the conductor Tõnu Kaljuste on 23 August 2009. The audience of a thousand people were transported by sea, as this was the only way to reach the Noblessner at the time.

After more than a year’s renovations, the PROTO Invention Factory of all-family centre and the Nobel Hall, an ideal venue for corporate and cultural events, are opened in the Foundry.