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Internal Rules Of Noblessner

These Internal Rules have been laid down by the owner of the Noblessner area and must be complied with by everyone on the territory.

The area is under VIDEO SURVEILLANCE.

2. The guests must:
2.1 comply with the rules of public order applicable in Estonia and good practices;
2.2 comply with these Internal Rules;
2.3 keep tidy and dispose of any garbage only in designated places;
2.4 keep reasonable distance with strangers to ensure the safety of themselves and others;
2.5 behave properly and in accordance with generally accepted moral standards.

3. Staying in the area
3.1 Persons showing obvious signs of intoxication, disturbing others with their behaviour will not be admitted to the area.
3.2 Everyone will have to ensure the safety of themselves and others while moving along the quay.
3.3 Roller skates, bicycles and personal transporters must be used with such speeds and methods that do not put others in danger. Depending on the amount of people around, the security team may ask you to walk your vehicle.
3.4 Any pets must be on a leash properly and remain close to the owner. Animals must not disturb public order or the peace of others. The owners are required to clean up after their pets.

4. Within the area, guests are not allowed to:
4.1 drink their own alcohol that they have brought into the area;
4.2 play their own music from their own loudspeakers;
4.3 be on the floating docks without being a client of the marina or using marina services.

5. Persons carrying the following objects will not be admitted to the area:
5.1 open glass, metal, plastic or other containers or objects, the contents or disintegration of which may put such persons  or others in danger;
5.2 objects that may (due to their shape, material, dimensions or disintegration) put such persons or others in danger;
5.3 narcotic, pyrotechnical, flammable, toxic, radioactive, smeary, strong-smelling substances or other substances of unclear composition;
5.4 cut-and-thrust weapons or firearms.

6. The security team may clear the area of any persons who:
6.1 disturb the peace (fight; cause any injuries; steal; hold, use or trade in narcotic or psychotropic substances; etc.) and/or engage in vandalism;
6.2 hold any objects listed under paragraph 5;
6.3 behave disturbingly, violate the Internal Rules, violate any requirements imposed by the Government of Estonia or ignore legitimate orders of the security team;
6.4 engage in advertising, public provision of information or other such activities without the prior consent of the administrator of the area;
6.5 cause any nuisance late at night.

7. The guests are entitled to:
7.1 enjoy the opportunities of the Noblessner area;
7.2 ask for the assistance of the area personnel (security team, service attendants) for resolving any problems;
7.3 submit proposals or complaints in accordance with the applicable procedure.

The owner may lay down any additional temporary requirements or limitations arising from the specific characteristics of the moment or event.