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The main developments in the Noblessner district in the forthcoming years are six new apartment buildings and renovation of the historic submarine shipyard buildings: nearly 44,000 m2 of apartment and business premises in total.

The former power plant (7 Peetri St.) became a business and apartment building by autumn 2020 and the former boiler plant (10 Staapli St.) is revamped as an office building.

Development of the Noblessner Marina will continue.

Various businesses, galleries and restaurants have moved into Noblessner’s historic industrial buildings over the past few years. The first stage of housing development has been completed along with a large part of the marina district infrastructure: a city square, streets, cycle and pedestrian tracks.

In the next stage of Noblessner housing development, BLRT Group in cooperation with Merko Ehitus Eesti will build six apartment buildings with about 300 apartments and nearly 3,000 m2 of commercial and business premises.

Noblessner is the only area in Tallinn where a complete urban space including squares, parks, a promenade, small business premises and versatile recreational facilities are developed around homes in the immediate vicinity of the sea.

The author of the architectural solution for the largest building of the next stage of housing development, the building at 4 Allveelaeva St., is the PLUSS Architects, which also designed the residential buildings for the first stage of Noblessner development. Five apartment buildings will be erected next to the historic Elling Park, at 3 Lennusadama St. / 18 Vesilennuki St., the architectural competition for which was won by KOKO Architects.